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Electrolyzer's role in process management and size setting

2021/08/26 11:15
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Electrolyzer is the basic equipment in electrolysis equipment, and its main function is to install solution.

Electrolyzer is the basic equipment in electrolysis equipment, and its main function is to install solution. The Electrolyzer is used in a linear arrangement according to the manual process and production line, and it can also be arranged according to local conditions and separated according to the space of the site. If it is a mechanical automatic production line, it is basically arranged according to the technological process. So what is the process management and size setting of Electrolyzer at the electrolysis production site:


1. The main content of Electrolyzer production site process management

    1) Control the composition of each bath liquid in the process formula specification. Observe the prescribed chemical analysis cycle.

    2) Maintain the process conditions of electrolysis production. Such as temperature, current density, etc.

    3) Keep the cathode and anode in good electrical contact.

    4) Strict cathode and anode suspension positions.

    5) Keep the electrolyte clean and control the impurities in the plating solution.

    6) Keep the electrolysis rack in good condition and good electrical contact with the hooks and teeth.

2. Electrolyzer size setting

Generally speaking, the size of the Electrolyzer refers to the volume (L) of the electrolyte in the inner cavity of the Electrolyzer, that is, the length of the inner cavity of the Electrolyzer × the width of the inner cavity × the depth of the electrolyte. Generally, the selection can be calculated according to the electroplating processing volume or the existing DC power equipment and other conditions. The selection of the appropriate Electrolyzer size is of great significance for preparing growth plans, estimating output, and ensuring the amount of electrolyte. When determining the size of the Electrolyzer, the following three basic conditions must be met:

    1) Satisfy the electrolysis requirements of the processed parts, such as the complete immersion of the parts that need to be electrolytically processed on all surfaces;

    2) Prevent the electrolyte from overheating;

    3) It can maintain the stability of the electrolyte composition content in the Electrolyzer production cycle.

Of course, at the same time, the overall coordination of the production line must also be considered to meet the requirements of the rationality of the Electrolyzer workshop layout.