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Safety precautions during the production of Membrane Electrolyzer

2021/10/29 16:27
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After the anode is maintained, all poles that are changed on duty should be checked again to improve the maintenance quality of Membrane Electrolyzer.

   (1) Electrolysis production personnel must pass three-pole safety education before entering the workshop. Operation is permitted.

quality Membrane Electrolyzer
   (2) When using iron tools in the Membrane Electrolyzer workshop, pay attention to the magnetic field to prevent accidents.   
   (3) All iron tools in contact with electrolyte must be preheated before they can be used   
   (4) It is forbidden to sit, lie, rest and fight on the passage in the workshop. It is forbidden to rest on the trough cover.
   (5) It is forbidden to throw tools and wastes downstairs or outside the workshop. When tools are dropped, they must be checked immediately to see if they are connected to the electrolytic cell, bus bar, and the ground. Clean up during emergency   
   (6) When working on the electrolytic cell, it is forbidden to put your feet on the electrolyte shell or anode carbon block, so as to avoid bad   
   (7) The materials added to the tank must be dried before being added to   
   (8) When the anode is replaced, the Tathagata effect immediately stops the operation, and after the treatment is extinguished, the operation is performed  
   (9) Punch out the aluminum port. When measuring the level, you should wear glasses and a mask to prevent the electrolyte from splashing out.   
   (10) Before pole changing personnel, they must wear protective equipment before entering the pole changing site  
   (11) When changing the iron plate, it is strictly forbidden that the iron sheet and the column bus bar get close to avoid serious accidents.   
   (12) The pole changer instructs the crane to lift the residual pole and confirms that the spreader is hung on the guide rod to prevent accidents from falling down when being lifted out  
   (13) When hanging the anode, be aware of it and remove the pieces from the residual pole to prevent large pieces from falling into the tank and affecting the speed and quality of the pole change.   
   (14) Lifting other irrelevant personnel away from the residual pole to avoid good accidents  
   (15) When the residual electrode is released, the electrolysis personnel should correctly command the crane and confirm that it is firmly placed before removing the spreader  
   (16) Shoveling personnel must wear masks and other labor insurance before they can work. It is forbidden to stand on the edge of the groove and work directly.  
   (17) The catchers must be steady, accurate, and quick to fish out the large and small noodle shells in the trough, grasp the strength and direction when fishing, so as to avoid bad   
   (18) The deputy squad leader must touch the bottom of the furnace with a rake to prevent any pieces from falling into the bottom of the tank, so as not to cause sedimentation and cause hidden dangers to the future operation of the tank  
   (19) Command the crane crane to install the new pole. If the new pole is wet, the pole changer should avoid it and dry the anode before going down the tank to avoid splashing electrolyte and hurting people.  
   (20) Before cleaning the electrode, make sure that the cleaned anode is stable. If it is not stable, it should not be cleaned.  
   (21) The labor insurance before Qingji is fully worn to prevent the hot noodles from flying up.   
   (22) Do not stand on the hot noodle shell block during cleaning, and the person on the opposite side must avoid it to avoid the clean noodle shell flying out.  
   (23) When smashing a block, you should be careful, and the strength should be even to avoid accidents.   
   (24) The cleaned carbon ring must be detected. The cleaned noodles should be placed in the designated place, and should not be piled on the ground, blocking the road.   
   (25) Smash the swapped out large pieces during maintenance. The adjacent poles are empty and tied to the edges of the three poles. It is strictly forbidden to stack large pieces on the anode or on the adjacent poles.   
   (26) After replacement and maintenance, clean up the site, and put the iron sheet at the designated location. Do not place it randomly, which will affect the site management  
   (27) Do not arbitrarily keep the hooks, rakes, drills and other pole-changing tools that have just been fished out of the infrared ray next to the tank, which will affect the walking of the aluminum cart   
   (28) After the anode is maintained, all poles that are changed on duty should be checked again to improve the maintenance quality of Membrane Electrolyzer.